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Throughout the year, we will cover drawing clefs, notes, reading notes in treble and bass clef, scales, intervals, triads, filling rests, identifying parts of music, and music definitions. This course will prepare students to write their first level of theory through the Royal Conservatory. We will work to learn through memory tricks, games and working through the workbook. Some of my lessons include activities from Music Mind Games.  There will also be some classes where there is a work period and during this time I am able to give one on one assistance.



Music builds confidence in students and this applies to any age.  I believe that any student can learn and I try to build great sense for enjoyment of music for everyone. 

  • One on one instruction gives each player to the chance to learn at their own pace.
  • With Royal Conservatory exams, students can use them for High School credits. 
  • Play for family and special events!  Sharing music is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.
  • Learn to play different types of music.
  • A chance to be involved in an ensemble or orchestra.  There are many different kinds of groups for all levels.
  • Learn to read music and learn more about the history of music.
  • Learn pieces you love to listen to.
  • Helps with the ability to focus.
  • Helps with coordination.
The major obstacle to learning is fear: fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of appearing stupid.  An effective teacher makes it possible for each child to err with impunity.  To remove fear is to invite attempt.  To welcome mistakes is to encourage learning. - Dr. Haim G. Ginott

Teaching Style


    I continue to work with students and giving them the opportunity to learn a string instrument.  As a string instructor, I would work to bring life to the students who are learning.  I am confident that I possess the qualities that would keep the school children feeling special, valued and encouraged.

    I teach at Long and McQuade's in Burlington, my home private studio and I am an instructor for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Strings program.  Both my education and experiences have given me the necessary tools to give a successful experience to each student.  I work every year on learning new music and techniques to be able to accommodate all learning styles.  I love coming up with new approaches to help others learn music.

     I have acquired the knowledge of various kinds of music that could help inspire and encourage the creativity of students. I would welcome the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of music with anyone who is willing to learn.








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